Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alive and Well

Well, my blog now resembles that of many others, in which a long hiatus leaves followers guessing as to whether or not their blogger has died, gotten sick, failed their pursuit, or just gotten lazy. I'm happy to announce the first three guess are wrong and pathetically it is the former guess only that holds validity. True to blogger form, nothing crazy or interesting has betaken me but I have fallen willfully into a state of lazy negligence. I initially started my blog a little earlier than I had planned in order to compete in a blogging contest with my university as well as track my application process before I go. I never followed up on the contest and wasn't notified about winning, so I can pretty much put two and two together. However, I have made some progress on the application front so I figure it's time to indulge you.

I got my application in right away on the opening day, but true to form it wasn't completed 100% accurate. I followed up with my recruiter about 3 weeks later to see how it was going and that's when I was informed about the errors and got them corrected. After only a few days I was given an interview time for the end of that month. I had the interview and it was pretty basic questions you find on any decent forum. My interview was close to an hour, more than likely because I talked more than most I imagine. My buddy Ben's interview was short and sweet, I think he said about 30 minutes max. So after that I spent a long time gathering my documents, this is when the lazy carelessness arises. I was all set and ready to rock and roll but when it came to my documents I was too busy planning my summer and finding work. Needless to say I've now sent my documents and I'm just waiting to get a 'notice of appointment', basically a job offer. I probably won't be in Busan or any big metropolitan area due to my slow document collecting. I'm just hoping to land a job anywhere, but it'll most likely be in a province in a more rural setting. If I don't make the August cut, then there are openings in September and October in which they do second and third rounds of hiring, so I'm likely going one way or another but I need to be flexible cause it could be any time within those months.

Anyways as for now I'm working at Hawk Ridge Golf Course in my hometown until I head out. I've got lots to do if I end up going for August 18th, including lots more visiting of friends before I go. So I'll let ya know more when I do because things are going to start to get a little dicey in the near future!

Hope everyone is having a good and more productive summer than I am!


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